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Music for the Love of It

Orchestra Toronto is a charitable organization. Since its inception as the Bennington Heights Community Orchestra in 1954, Orchestra Toronto (we changed our name in 2000 to reflect our cross-city membership) has been operating as a community- based orchestra in the GTA. It remains one of Canada’s oldest and largest community-based volunteer orchestras.

The cost to offer our concerts in a superb concert hall creates financial demands on our volunteer-based organization. Our annual budget is about $190,000. Orchestra Toronto is funded by a combination of the sale of tickets to our concerts (favourably priced relative to downtown comparable entertainment), some government grant funding (limited due to demand from other arts organizations), annual fundraising events and of course sponsors. Part of this funding also is directed towards a new initiative we started a few years ago, which involves reaching out into our community and offering to bring children (as well as a parent/guardian) to our concerts who otherwise could not afford to attend. In addition, we also offer an annual competition for young adults between the age of 13 and 23 in a different musical instrument each year for the chance to win a scholarship and more importantly have the chance to play on stage with our full orchestra.

Your donation helps us keep making music.

Here's what your donation will support:

  • Five annual concerts in the George Weston Recital Hall

  • Weekly rehearsals at the Meridian Arts Centre

  • Up to 15 Student Fellows: Young musicians who join the orchestra for one concert cycle, and receive mentoring and coaching from a senior orchestra member, as well as a tuition waiver and a transit subsidy

  • Welcome Seats: Free attendance at concerts for Newcomers to Canada arriving as asylum seekers.

  • Five conducting apprenticeships each season for emerging conductors to receive podium time with the orchestra and coaching from the Music Director

  • The Marta Hidy Concerto Competition at which young soloists compete for a cash prize and for an invitation to perform a concerto of their choosing with Orchestra Toronto

We're grateful to our supporters

2020-21 Presenting Sponsor

Partners in Music

Triumvirate: Corey Gemmell, Tom Mueller, Richard Herriott

Individual Donors


Melissa Cavelti, Fern Reinhartz, Craig Saunders, Rory J. Taylor, Scotiabank on behalf of Tom Kelimbet

STRINGS $325-$999

Sarah Crossley, Rebecca Davies, Theresa Davis, Pat Irwin, David Klausner, Veronica Koopmans, Alison Lam, Claire LeRiche, John McGregor, Eric Mykhalovskiy, Kevin Moran, Marnee Stern, Justin Webb

WOODWINDS $90- $324

Anonymous, Will Abbott, Janet Allen, Anne Aziz, Lou Bacs, Debra Baker, Kate Bahen, Don Bates, Rima Berns-McGown & David McGown, Tim Birtch, Jules Bloch, Ralph Bose, Tiziana Casciaro, Caroline Cavelti, Jia Lin Xie Cie, Valerie Conway, Jacqueline Dandele, Igor Danyliuk, Jennifer Davies, Sylvia Davis, Will Davis, Katherine DeCelles, Esther Dostrovsky, Reinette Du Preez, Dick Duffin, Martha Dvorak, John Dvorak, Jim Fisher, Matt Fullbrook, Neil Gallaiford, Gordon Gavey, Stephen Hanet, Samuel Horodezky, Zubin Jussawalla, Roshan Jussawalla, Veronica Koopmans, Kathleen Lang, Jennifer Lee, Geoffrey Leonardelli, Helen Li, Albert Litherland, Gina Maenhaut, Daniel Manley, Elisabeth McGregor, Grace Morrison, Brigitte Mueller, Jill Nelson, Richard Nurgitz, M Nutter, Kathryn Osler, Richard Powers, Elizabeth & Richard Raum, Stephen Raymond, Guerrino Rinaldi, Christine Rinaldi, G. B. Shand, Lorri Shewchuk, Tara Smith, Fred Theriault, Steve Thomas, Justin Webb, Nora Webster, Glen Whyte, John Wiener, Sabrina Wong, Barbara Worden, Joyce Yu

BRASS $10 – $89

Anonymous (3) Shahin Ahadi, Mehran Aminian, Golrokh Aminian, Marilyn Anthony, Hugh Arnold, Johnson Attong, Amirahmad Azhieh, Simona Bacs, June Baker, Celine Bauwens, Christine Baunemann, Teresa Bayley, Geral Billinghurst, Claudia Blume, Richard Blundell, Ralph Bose, Brenda Boyes, Barbara Buckspan, Richard Camire, Honey Carr, Tomas Casciato, Peter Cavelti, Marlys Christianson, Michele Clemo Vivienne Chartrand, Kristen Collins Aiello, Yang Da, Pamela Dabah, Sam D'Alfonso, Kristine Dandavino, Jennifer Davies, Rachel Davies Rebecca Davies, Theresa Davis, Matthew Davis, Patti Davis, Jennifer Diaz, Juliet Donald, Geoffrey Duckworth, Dil Duffin, Eli Elhamian, Matthew Feinberg Tom Feng, Courtney Flanagan, Lois Fuse, Susan Fuss, Neil Gallaiford, Corey Gemmell, Sharyn Gemmell, Katayoun , Ghanai, Judi Goldberg, Kathy Goldman, Akshath Goyal, Ken Hall, Caroline Halliwell, Jim Harvey, Yani Hausman, Maziar Heidari , Charles Heller, Janice Hembruff, Dorothy Henley, Pamela Hetherington, Mandi Hickman, Rick Hippolite, Chris Houston, Gillian Howard, Gordon Hughes, Mary Humphries, Malcolm Jussawalla, Sonia Kang, Dan Kapp, Loriellen Karam, Linda Kash, Jennifer Kayahara, Sara Kazemi Claire Kerr, Donny Kirby, Kaninie Knight, Dave & Pat Konig, Ann Lenchak, Claire LeRiche, Jane Litherland, Anne & Ted Litherland, Tania Little, Janet Logan, Phil Lusk, Marcia Ma, Patricia Mangat, Ryann Manning, Conan MacLean, Anne Maenhaut, Pegah Marashi, Melinda McGee, Emily McInnes, Maureen McKay, Kevin Merkley, Will Mitchell, Elizabeth J. Morris, Dave Newnham, Deborah Ledley, Michael Lee, Abner Ming Liu, Kemi Lo, Michael Lordly, Conan MacLean, Jeff MacLean, Ann Maksymetz Jaye Marsh, Elizabeth J. Morris, Robert Morris, Grace Morrison, Rick Murrin, Eric Mykhalovskiy, Negar Nayeri Nia, Sara Paasche-Orlow, Ann Patterson, Susan Patterson, Mark Peacock, Christine Pilotte-Rutland, Janet Piotrowski, Cathy Preston, Susan Radstrom, Romeo Ramirez, Erika Raum, Jessica Raum, Kelly Rein, Terri Rein, Sarah Resnick, Julie Richardson, Ellen Robertson, Carolyn & Philip Robins, Clare Rodger, Emma Rosenbaum, David & Judi Ross, Amit Rotem, Amy Sandford, Yasmina Sarie, Jack Schachner, Selma Schachner, Jessamyn Schertz, Gunter Schroder, Carol Sevitt, Jason Shim, Kourosh Simaei, Pamela Shanks, William Sparks, Cal Smith, Carol Lee Smith, Sabine Smith, Yasaman Soltani, William Sparks, Carolyne Sumner, Sheldon Swick, Miriam Tadros, Mehran Taklif, Inbar Tamari, Hossein Tehrani, Brooke Thompson, Kayla Tink, Florentina Tohatan, John Trembath, Sharon Tse, Carlos Vasquez, Anil Verma, Angel Wang, Margaret Walton, Dorothy Ward, Susan Webster, Peter Westergaard, Heather Whitney, John Wiener, Karen Willinsky, Catherine Wilson, Jennie Worden, Jared Worth, Barbara Yip, Diane Yip, Mary Yiu